2006 Jefferson 500

Practice and qualifying went well with Jim cranking out a 1:16.9 in the '73, I got a 1:25.1 in the '74 and a 1:34.2 in the 356.  Good times for the 911s, couple seconds off for the 356. [I wish ]


In order to run the 356 at Summit I swapped in my "less hot" motor so that I was on cam coming out of T1 and T5.  It worked pretty good.  An SCCA corner working  friend  was in the bucket in T5 during the Marlboro 1 hour race Sunday and got to see some of my "exploits" close up.  I gridded 33 out of 48 and made my way forward probably 6 or 7 spots.  Had fun with a nice BMW 2002, some stock 911 longhoods [pre ‘74 911s a/k/s “LHs”] and eventually past an Aston Martin.  Had a mini-cooper all over me for several laps and eventually pass me going into T3 when I moved for oncoming traffic.  After the mini got by ... I chased for a few laps ... no brakes into T3 and no brakes down the Chute!!!  Great to watch as the mini literally crabbed on the front 2 and one of the rears when pitched into the turn [turn-in with no braking]. 


Briggs Cunningham Endurance Race: [Jason driving the 3.0L '74 911 on Saturday, Jim on Sunday]


Qualified 4th on the grid for Saturday's 1st hour [two 1 hour segments ... 2nd hour on Sunday].  This put me 2nd row outside.  1st was a low slung enclosed wheel something [Lotus?] that looked like a 908. 2nd was an enclosed wheel Lotus 23?, 3rd was a mustang GT350-r with LOUD side-pipes.   When we took the start the Mustang almost punted 1st place.  I was able to stay even so he wouldn't come over and the Lotus pulled ahead of 1st by a little bit.


Went into T1 as a pack of 4 ... then the Lotus came across the front of 1st ... got crossed up and spun... to the inside.  So .... I had open track!!!!  I nailed it and by the time I was turning into T3 ... I had about 8-10 cars on the pack. I was laughing so hard in my helmet wondering what the hell I was doing in the lead!!


I knew it would be short lived but .. for three or four laps I slid her around there for just about all she was worth trying to get as much grip as I could out of my Hoosier TDs and staying on track.  It took them an hour but by the end ... I was back to where I started 4th place.  This was also our grid position for the 2nd half of the enduro Sunday.


Jim ran the car on Sunday and maintained his 4th position trying desperately to get around another Mustang GT350 for 3rd.  Well ... as luck would have it ... that mustang had his front windscreen cave in at 1?? mph on the front straight.  Got black-flagged and retired [leaving a 50 yard patch from the pit black flag station into the paddock - not happy] ... and we inherited 3rd.


Beggars can't be choosey (sp).


Wyer Endurance Race: [Jim driving the '73 911 on Saturday and Jim and Jason driving on Sunday]


Jim ran the car for an hour on Saturday and first 15 min on Sunday.  I finished up the hour on Sunday.  Jim worked his way up through the field on Saturday but not into a podium spot.  We started mid-pack after qualifying for Saturday's race. On Sunday when I got in I was pushing hard to stay ahead of a tube-framed trans-am Camaro #30 who [without my knowing it] broke towards the end of the race on Sunday. I probably had deluded myself into thinking I was pulling away]  That put us into third and a nice trophy.


Eiffel Race [all Porsche 15 laps—Jim in the ‘73 Jason in the ‘74 and Peter C. in his ‘74].


Our friend Peter C. and Red Dog Racing #55 started 1st [911 RSR 3.4L], I was 2nd in the '74 and Jim was 3rd in the '73.  Peter got a good jump on the start and got into T1 before me.  I was on Hoosier TDs and he was on slicks .. so he started pulling a gap but I'd catch up from T3-T5 [I mean really flying / sliding down the chute to make up time].  Eventually, Jim got tired of watching the back of my car and passed me going into T10 ... I didn't even bother to lift as he was on slicks and I knew his offline entry meant nothing to him as he was gonna power out of there to go get Peter.  Buh bye pops ... LOL [laugh out loud]


I watched "from afar" as they swapped positions right up to the white flag lap putting on a great show for the fans and corner workers.  The pack was catching up to me but not enough time in a 15 lapper.  It was fun taking the victory lap with Peter and Jim.


I was dog-tired after the races Sunday.  I enjoyed visiting with SCCA flaggers, fellow Dorki, PCA Potomac friends and 356 Potomac friends after the races on Sat and Sun and look forward to this event next year.

We really a had a BLAST and did pretty well.  The weather held for weekend and had sun most of the day. Friend Steve and his son ‘Xander:

All three cars ran well all weekend [knocking on wood].

2006 Jefferson 500 Race Weekend

Everything lined up on the roof of the '73 ['74 in background]


JScott Racing

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